What My Customers Are Saying

“I Progressed Quickly”

"Sandy came to me in February 2015 to teach me Guide on a computer (this is a programme for people who are visually handicapped). I progressed quickly with this and can now use my computer for scanning and reading my own mail, sending and receiving e-mails, writing letters, and maintaining a calendar. I am now learning how to use the Internet. Since then Sandy has become my sighted guide when free running my Guide dog. We also go shopping and to restaurants. Every week brings something different. Thank you, Sandy."

Ruth G is an 82-year-old blind lady looking to increase her independence with her guide dog.

“My Eternal Thanks”

"When I couldn't get a simple cookery recipe without being on the computer, I saw red. So, I bought one. I was confronted by no man's land. Help! Then along came Sandy. There blew into my small room, the original whirlwind, full of confidence and encouragement, which I badly needed. Within a very short space of time, I stopped feeling like the remnants of yesteryear and reverted to my own not quite golden-oldie status. Now with a little help from my cat and my new friend I can get the racing results, find Google, and spend far too much on Amazon – with the help, of course, my new friend, Sandy and her gorgeous cat, Humbug. The only snag is that we spend a lot of time having a giggle, but then, what are friends for? My eternal thanks for the internet freedom I now have... almost!"

Liz B is an 87-year-old disabled lady wanting to shop online and follow the horse racing.


"Since last April, Sandy has been my guide, teacher, and solver of laptop problems, with a dose of philosophy thrown in and has supported my first faltering steps along the path to the Aladdin's cave of the Internet. She has set me up on-line with a provider, and the necessary security system and simple instructions for weekly and monthly checks for viruses. I can now sit down in front of the screen and expect success, not failure, and I know that I can get help quickly at the end of the phone or face-to-face in plain English and, if necessary, repeated several times. I now have an Amazon account and have safely bought three books and use it to access Google to complete crosswords, visit shops, answer questions, and find information. I have also learnt how to pay safely online, which I swore I'd never do and was very apprehensive about. My BBC iPlayer allows me to catch up on programmes I have missed on TV and radio, my main motivation for venturing into the menacing world of the Internet. I can now look at the County Council website and view planning applications and the County Library Book-list among others. On reflection, being able to find information in this way have given me back some ability to venture out into the world again, and a sort of mobility. There is much more to discover, and I shall need help for some time...so I am thankful that I read Sandy's advertisement and made that first phone call."

Ruth B is a 74-year-old disabled lady wanting to search and shop online.

“Helpful, Flexible, and Reliable”

"Sandy keeps alive my passion for photography by letting me progress at my own pace and style, is helpful, flexible and reliable."

Valerie N is a 70-year-old disabled artist wanting to manipulate photos.


"This is to recommend most highly the work that Sandy Dale has done for the past two months. She has supervised the setting up of new computer equipment and liaising with engineers and other consultants. Her work as a PA and generally and sorting out my online affairs has been outstanding. Now the real work of teaching me to use regular software will commence… In conclusion, I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Dirk K is a 72-year-old entrepreneur wanting to get his inventions to the right people.

“Utterly Trustworthy”

"When you invite someone to provide any kind of service in your own home, trust is vital. I can vouch for the fact that Sandy Dale of Sandy’s Solutions is utterly trustworthy. What I needed was not the computer, tablet or smartphone tuition in which Sandy specialises but someone I could rely on to look after our animals for two weeks while we holidayed abroad. Our menagerie of 36 animals included four boisterous dogs, which needed a lot of attention and reassurance, along with a cat, various lizards, two tortoises, a cockatiel, some chickens… and any others I’ve forgotten! Sandy’s conscientious approach included making two preparatory visits, creating a feeding rota, and sending us photo updates to show that the animals were happy and healthy. Whether you need help with IT, walking a dog or something more unusual, you can depend on Sandy to do anything, anywhere, anytime."

Mark M is a copywriter.

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