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Step-by-Step Computer Lessons

It’s never been simpler to get comprehensive IT tuition, than with Sandy Dale. Sandy's Solutions is based in Porthtowan, Cornwall, and offers step-by-step computer lessons to people in their homes in Cornwall. I specialise in mature and disabled people.

Computer Tuition

There’s no need to stress when technology seems to be leaving you behind. I’m here to get you up to speed and make learning about IT a fun and engaging process in your own home with your computer. I fully understand that it is difficult getting younger family members to explain IT know-how, so I offer my services to teach you everything you need to know about computers.

From buying your first computer, to setting up online banking, I’m available every step of the way. Just contact me today and book your first lesson. I’ll ask you a few questions to assess exactly what you’d like to learn, then we’ll set a date to begin. 

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Topics I commonly cover include:

• Can help people learn to use Microsoft Office so they can create letters and leaflets

• Can help photographers to use Photoshop Elements (cheap software that I can help you with) to improve and work with photos

In addition, if you are interested in photography and want to learn how to improve your photos as well as sharing them with your friends and family, I can teach you how to:

• Crop unwanted areas of images
• Remove objects like a spot on a face
• Improve colour
• Make photos black and white
• Add some special effects

This can be done on cheap software that I can help you with which can enable you to go from quick editing to more complex work.


Effective IT Literacy

Count on me for first-class lessons, helping you polish computer skills in your own home in Cornwall. Sandy's Solutions is based in Porthtowan, Cornwall, and offers effective lessons promoting IT literacy. 

Simple Lessons

 This is a viable service for elderly customers and people with physical disabilites. There’s no need to stay in the dark about technology, when I’m here to enlighten you. I am happy to offer lessons for Windows™ 7 and 8 and other earlier systems like XP on all types of devices, including:

PCs - Apple Macs 

Connect With Family and Friends

 You’ll never lose touch with family or friends again, once you have an email account and access to Skype™. It’s incredibly simple to stay in touch across the globe, so don’t delay and get in touch with me for easily digestible lessons. The internet is also a great way to meet new people online and bond over similar interests, so get browsing today.

Contact Sandy's Solutions for step-by-step lessons that are easy to understand and help you gain confidence with IT.