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Registered Nurse BSc (Hons) Degree in Psychology Postgraduate Secretarial Diploma
Teaching and Assessing Digital Imaging  Multimedia Design Qualified to Work with Disabled and Elderly Clients

Straightforward Tablet and Computer Lessons and Companionship in Cornwall

Computer, Tablet and Phone

Sandy is working to empower people who are mature and/or disabled to overcome loneliness and be a part of their community. Working with her own customers as well as those referred by Age UK and Isight from around Cornwall.

Help people to solve their loneliness and be more involved in their community and able to reach out and put their point of view.

Teach people in their own homes how to interact with friends and family all over the world using a tablet or a computer. This means they will be able to share family events and know about life events rather than sitting on the outside and not able to involve themselves.

Give one-to-one tuition fashioned for the recipient to enable them to do what they want to do, not what someone else thinks they might need to know. Allow the people to work at their pace, with repetition as often as they need it. 

People will only be shown what they want to learn, but making sure that they are safe on the Internet, so they can enjoy the experience and not worry about it.

Tuition in their own homes is provided just in Cornwall. Customers can have as many or as few sessions they want. Some may only need a one hour session which they can then work on. Others might need several sessions, depending on their needs and abilities. There are several people who will phone every so often when they come upon a problem they cannot solve. I can go and see them just for an hour and point them in the right direction.

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CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) Checked
Works with everyone and specialises in the mature and disabled

Our Story

Sandy's Solutions is based in Porthtowan, Cornwall, and offers straightforward tablet and computer classes in their own homes in Cornwall. With more than 30 years of experience, I am adept at sitting down with elderly and disabled customers and working through tablet and computer lessons. I know it is hugely important to be patient with everyone, and I want you to ask as many questions as you like. I want to help the mature and disabled people to interact with their community, their friends and their family and overcome the loneliness that might have developed over many years. 

Rest assured that I am happy to show the same step twenty times over, as I fully understand that IT skills often seem complicated to beginners. Contact me today and ask about my lessons.

Sandy Dale

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